Monday, January 31, 2011


I've been quite industrious over the Christmas/New Year break and also into January. I've finished two blankets and have started on two throw rugs although work on the throw rugs has slowed down a bit since going back to work.

The first blanket completed was a flower granny throw rug for myself. It was originally supposed to be a single bed blanket for Little Miss R but she decided that she liked another one I was doing better so this one turned into the throw rug.
I love it and am looking forward to winter when I can snuggle under it on a cool night. The pretty edging was from a pattern by Lucy over at Attic 24 which you can access from my side bar. She's got some amazing patterns which are easy to follow and simple for a novice like me!
The blanket for Little Miss R ended up being a ripple blanket which I had been wanting to try for ages. I made so many mistakes doing it but crochet is pretty forgiving and I'm happy with the result. Little Miss R was very happy too until she started waking up with a 'furry mouth' from the wool and now it's been delegated to the corner of the room. Maybe she'll use it in Winter snuggling up on the lounge too otherwise we may have to put it away until she's a bit older.

I just love all the wonky wiggly stipes!

My current range of projects are throw rugs for all the nieces and nephews. My intention is to have one done for each of them by Christmas which gives me the whole year. I've been going quite well so far and am very happy with the results. The above black, red and white blanket will be for Master R who is 3 so I thought that boy colours would be great for him. I also love the stitch that I'm doing for his blanket which is a tricolour sand stitch. It's so effective and SO EASY!

For Miss T who is now 12 I'm making a summer granny square blanket in lots of wonderful bright colours. I've got plenty of circles done and have started on some squares so I just need a bit of time now to sit down and finish off the squares then it will be a process of putting it all together. I'll definately keep you posted on how they're all going.
Hope the sun's shining brightly in your patch.
I'm off to do a bit more crochet and try and get a bit more of the blankets done while Master M is having his nap and Little Miss R is at school.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cycling at the Bike Park

We have recently started to do a few more things as a family which is great as we don't often get out and about.

Just before Christmas we started going to the bike park only a couple of kilometres from our house. It's a brilliant place off the road and fully fenced so it's safe for the kids (unless they crash their bikes). It's also about 1.1km long so we can do a few circuits and to get the blood pumping and the heart racing.

The kids absolutely LOVE going to the bike park as they get to go for a long ride without having to worry about cars and road rules etc. It also means some precious time with mummy and daddy and other family members or friends that we meet with when there.

Unfortunately I saw a photo of myself on my husband's bike and realised just how much weight I had put on over the last couple of years. It was a bit of a shock and I knew that something had to be done so I requested (and was given) a lovely new bike for Christmas!

Isn't it lovely!

Cousin J showing he's a stuntman!
So now I can go to the bike park on my own bike or just go for a ride of a morning if I get the chance.
I love it so much and had completely forgotten how much I loved cycling.

The kids all love it when Nan and Poppy come too. It's great for everyone.

This is the dreaded photo of me that made me realise how much weight I'd put on. I can now happily say that in the past month I've lost 4kg and am feeling much happier about myself. I've got quite a bit to go but I'm slowly getting there and so much more positive than I have been in ages.
Until next time, I hope you all have plenty of happy moments!