Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The end of our holiday

As holidays come to a close you seem to be torn in two.  I know I always am and that's because I want the holiday to continue but I'm also looking forward to getting home.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I'm sure I'm not the only one but when you're living in the moment it seems that no-one else feels like you do.

We had some fantastic days boating, kayaking, reading, crocheting (not as much as I'd like though), relaxing and just having a fantastic time.

For me it was being able to go to the toilet in peace because I had other's to help so I didn't hear the work 'mummy' screamed every 10 seconds.  I'm sure other mother's with young children know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  Anyone who doesn't know, NEVER underestimate that one small luxury!

Even though the fishing wasn't great, we did manage to get some redclaw into the pots.

The storms and rain may have put a bit of a dampener on the holiday but it was so good to get away for awhile that I don't even really mind that.

Christmas is the next big thing for us, then Master M's fourth birthday in early January but I'm sure I'll be thinking of campfires and sunsets over the lake for awhile to come yet........

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our days were spent....

....teaching the kidlettes how to kayak.  They were spent fishing, reading, wandering around the campsite and basically being disconnected from all modern conveniences.

There were storms every day which is to be expected in Queensland in the lead up until Christmas.

I loved to head out early in the morning for a relaxing kayak myself before having to start the day.  It was so lovely watching the sun rise above the trees, look back at our campsite...........and know that I had about an hour to myself with no kids!!!!!!!!

We did go for a drive to the other side of the dam to the lookout one day as well as along the same side of the dam we were on and checked out some of the other campsites for future reference.

It was lucky we did because we spied some people we knew.  In fact there was a whole group of people camped together from Little Miss R's class at school so one afternoon I kayaked my girl around to their camp so she could play with a whole group of her school friends while I chatted to all the mum's.  We all thought it was hilarious that we all camped at the same dam and  Little Miss R just loved being able to play with her friends.

Unfortunately all holidays come to an end and we had to start thinking about packing up and going home.

More of that next time though.

xx Susan

Friday, December 16, 2011

The bulk of our holiday

Lake Boondooma or Boondooma Dam is where we went for our holiday this time.  It's about an hour's drive west of either Kingaroy or Murgon in Queenland and a freshwater fishing and redclaw dam for those that love those pastimes.

For us it meant 5 days away from it all with family and the chance to catch some fish or redclaw if we were lucky.

The whole 5 nights away consisted of me, my two kids, my parents and my nephew J.  Hubby Shane missed the first night because of work but was there all the other nights and my Uncle I was there the first night as he towed the boat for us, then went home and returned the last night to help us pack up the final day and tow the boat home.

We had storms almost every day so after our Cania Gorge trip (see side bar for more on that trip), I'm really getting used to camping in torrential rain.

Camping on the side of a dam meant that the water would really run down through the camp into the dam.   Most things got wet but thank goodness our trusty camper trailer withstood the rain and everything inside stayed dry.

The fish weren't really biting but we did get some redclaw in the pots and more than anything just enjoyed our time together away as a family.

We had campfires (thanks to Nana the campfire goddess) with marshmallows, as well as fun times going out to check the pots with daddy and poppy in the boat.

Once the kids realised they could have fun in the kayak then the entertainment really kicked up for them.

Nephew J (whose now 7) was pretty competent in the kayak so we let him paddle on his own but the other two little ones we tied a rope to the kayak so we could pull them back in if needed.

The kids did all have such a fantastic time and I have to say one of the miracles of our time away was the relationship between my Nephew J and my daughter Little Miss R.

These two have NEVER got on.  Nephew J is the older by 13 months and doesn't like girls.  He has also never got along with his cousin (Little Miss R).  In fact we had all decided that they would have a love/hate relationship for the rest of their lives because all they have ever done is fought.

After two days camping they were inseperable!  They got on so well and did everything together including sitting in the same chair.  No matter if it was dinner, colouring in or whatever activity they did, they just HAD to sit in the same chair snuggled up together.

They played together so well that all the adults who had watched their relationship for the last 6 years were in utter awe and on more than one occasion found ourselves in that giggly 'I can't believe it' attitude.

It will be interesting to see how their relationship changes now we're back home in our normal environment.  Will they continue to hate each other or will the holiday have changed their attitudes.  Time will only tell.....

xx Susan

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The first day of our holiday...

....and I'm really starting to wonder why we wanted to go.

It's pouring rain, I have two kids fighting and I've had to do all the packing myself because hubby is away working and will be meeting us at the dam.

By 8am we're ready to go so I strap the kids into the car and we head around to my parents place to hook up the camper trailer and head off.

Before we go though there has been a change of plans.  My parents had origanlly decided to camp in a tent and tow the boat.  It's now pouring rain and we all decided it would be better if they took the caravan and my Uncle would come with us to tow the boat.

Just over two hours later after a bit of a reshuffle, we actally left.

It's a 4 hour drive give or take depending on the way you go, how many toilet stops your six year old needs and how many tantrums your 3 year old has.  I could write about the trip itself in a whole looooooong blog post but that would be just whinging and you don't really want to hear about it....trust me,  you really don't.

We finally got there (even though I was tempted to turn around a few times and go home), and got set up under dark and rainy looking skies.  Thank goodness the rain held off while we set up!  (Well I think it did, my brain really doesn't let me remember that far back unless I have photos of the actual moment).

After the basics were done, we enjoyed our first night in our new 'home' for 5 days with dinner, a brief wander around the area near us, then early bed for the night.

The next morning Daddy arrived for breakfast and then it was birthday cake time for morning tea as it was his birthday a few days before and we hadn't seen him because he was at work.

The day was spent going out in the boat, putting redclaw pots out, doing some fishing, plenty of relaxing and then there was an uninvited visitor......

...this goanna was pretty thirsty and had run down to the dam for a drink then nearly ran though our campsite while trying to get away from the pesky birds that squarked and pecked at him the whole time. 

Talk about exciting times for the kids!! Not much beats a goanna and noisy birds for entertainment.

Will write about the next few days soon.

xx Susan

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A taste of holidays

Five days away with no electicity.

That means 5 days with campfires, lots of space for kids to run.....

...a 98% full dam for kids to swim, boat and kayak in....

...and plenty of rain, storms, steamy weather (it is summer after all), and just some plain family fun.

5 days with no mobile phone reception, no internet, no electricity.

It was absolute bliss even if the fish weren't biting.

There will be more soon once I'm a bit more organised.  Hopefully that will be before Christmas!

love to all

xx Susie

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Off to.......

.......Boondooma Dam near Murgon tomorrow for 5 days.  Lets hope it's relaxing and lots of fish and red claw will be caught.

I'm in desperate need of a break (more so from my kids but that's not likely to happen in the next week) but will have a lovely time with hubby, kids, my parents and my nephew as well as any other family members who may turn up during that time.

I'm longing for help with the kids and some time to sit, relax, do some crochet and be able to complete a sentence or even half a thought without getting interrupted with a loud, wailing MUMMY!

See you all soon and hopefully I'll be so relaxed and recharged I'll be able to get back into normal blogging.

xx Susie