Monday, December 19, 2011

Our days were spent....

....teaching the kidlettes how to kayak.  They were spent fishing, reading, wandering around the campsite and basically being disconnected from all modern conveniences.

There were storms every day which is to be expected in Queensland in the lead up until Christmas.

I loved to head out early in the morning for a relaxing kayak myself before having to start the day.  It was so lovely watching the sun rise above the trees, look back at our campsite...........and know that I had about an hour to myself with no kids!!!!!!!!

We did go for a drive to the other side of the dam to the lookout one day as well as along the same side of the dam we were on and checked out some of the other campsites for future reference.

It was lucky we did because we spied some people we knew.  In fact there was a whole group of people camped together from Little Miss R's class at school so one afternoon I kayaked my girl around to their camp so she could play with a whole group of her school friends while I chatted to all the mum's.  We all thought it was hilarious that we all camped at the same dam and  Little Miss R just loved being able to play with her friends.

Unfortunately all holidays come to an end and we had to start thinking about packing up and going home.

More of that next time though.

xx Susan

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