Friday, December 16, 2011

The bulk of our holiday

Lake Boondooma or Boondooma Dam is where we went for our holiday this time.  It's about an hour's drive west of either Kingaroy or Murgon in Queenland and a freshwater fishing and redclaw dam for those that love those pastimes.

For us it meant 5 days away from it all with family and the chance to catch some fish or redclaw if we were lucky.

The whole 5 nights away consisted of me, my two kids, my parents and my nephew J.  Hubby Shane missed the first night because of work but was there all the other nights and my Uncle I was there the first night as he towed the boat for us, then went home and returned the last night to help us pack up the final day and tow the boat home.

We had storms almost every day so after our Cania Gorge trip (see side bar for more on that trip), I'm really getting used to camping in torrential rain.

Camping on the side of a dam meant that the water would really run down through the camp into the dam.   Most things got wet but thank goodness our trusty camper trailer withstood the rain and everything inside stayed dry.

The fish weren't really biting but we did get some redclaw in the pots and more than anything just enjoyed our time together away as a family.

We had campfires (thanks to Nana the campfire goddess) with marshmallows, as well as fun times going out to check the pots with daddy and poppy in the boat.

Once the kids realised they could have fun in the kayak then the entertainment really kicked up for them.

Nephew J (whose now 7) was pretty competent in the kayak so we let him paddle on his own but the other two little ones we tied a rope to the kayak so we could pull them back in if needed.

The kids did all have such a fantastic time and I have to say one of the miracles of our time away was the relationship between my Nephew J and my daughter Little Miss R.

These two have NEVER got on.  Nephew J is the older by 13 months and doesn't like girls.  He has also never got along with his cousin (Little Miss R).  In fact we had all decided that they would have a love/hate relationship for the rest of their lives because all they have ever done is fought.

After two days camping they were inseperable!  They got on so well and did everything together including sitting in the same chair.  No matter if it was dinner, colouring in or whatever activity they did, they just HAD to sit in the same chair snuggled up together.

They played together so well that all the adults who had watched their relationship for the last 6 years were in utter awe and on more than one occasion found ourselves in that giggly 'I can't believe it' attitude.

It will be interesting to see how their relationship changes now we're back home in our normal environment.  Will they continue to hate each other or will the holiday have changed their attitudes.  Time will only tell.....

xx Susan

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