Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cania Gorge:: Part 1 - Getting there

OnThursday we finally had the car and trailer all packed up and about 10am left for Cania Gorge.

Unfortunately it started to rain just after we left.  We hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come so were happy when after about an hour the rain stopped.

The little town of Kilkivan was our lunch stop.  We gulped down our picnic, headed to the toilets and the kids got to burn some energy in the playground before we headed off again.

There's a lot of brown grass out this way.

We reached the Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat about 4pm and proceeded to set up the camper.  It was much easier and quicker this time as we had a bit more of an idea of what we're doing.

It's a beautiful van park this one.  Very natural but unfortunately the weather is against us and it's been raining the whole time we've been here.

We're certainly working out quickly what to do when it's constantly raining and what things we'll change and do differently next time.

I'm glad we got the storm cover up as we had a storm in the early hours of this morning, just to help make everything even wetter if that's possible!

With all this rain we haven't been able to get anything dry so we've come into Monto to use the laundromat and stock up on some supplies.

Hopefully we'll be able to go on a few more bushwalks in the next couple of days as it's such a beautiful place.  We've already been on a couple of short ones in between and often during showers so I'll post some photos of what we've done so far the next time I'm in internet range.

xx Susan

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