Monday, August 29, 2011

Cania Gorge:: Part 2 - Wildlife

Cania Gorge is home to some pretty awesome wildlife. 

At 4pm it's feeding time at the park where we're staying which the kids loved of course.

Feeding time for the lorikeets that is.

The resident chooks like to get in on the act too.

There's wallabies hopping around as well as Bettongs which are in resident here as well although we didn't see many of either of these animals.

This lady is not exactly classed as wildlife but wander around on unfenced roads on the farms near the national park.  This one stared us down right beside the road on a corner near the Cania Dam.

We were REALLY surprised to see some emu's in one of the paddocks beside the road as we were driving out to the dam one rainy day.  I had to get the super zoom out for these ones as they were about 100metres off to the side of the road but it was pretty exciting to see them.

The kids loved seeing them in the wild as they've only seen them at the zoo before.

There was plenty of other wildlife we saw when it wasn't raining but the next couple of pictures would have to be among my favourites; mainly because I was so excited to see it.

We were driving into the town of Monto one day when we saw a Wedge Tail Eagle by the side of the road.  We soon realised why he wasn't too worried about us driving past... wasn't until we stopped and he thought we were a threat that he took off.

With him he took his prize of a pretty huge black snake!

We saw a few BIG dead snakes on the road on the way to the Gorge but thankfully didn't see any while we were out and about.

Hope you have enjoyed a snippet of the animals. 

Until the next installment....

xx Susan

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