Friday, August 19, 2011

A new addition to our family....

...can you see her there dutifully following along behind the ute?

This is our new off road camper trailer which we picked up yesterday.  It was a pretty stressful day and Lovely Hubby was not happy halfway through the day so I won't go into details of how he was after hours at the Transport Department in the afternoon.

She's finally ours though so all we need to do is put her up a few times until we get used to doing it, pack it up and then go!

Unfortunately I'm not quite sure when that will be at this stage.  We now have the bullbar on the front of the new ute but they ordered the wrong tow bar so we have to wait a few more days until that comes in. 

The rest of the group we were heading to Cape York with leave on Monday but we won't be able to go until Wednesday at the earliest so we have a few decisions to make.

Do we continue to go to the Cape but go on our own and perhaps catch up with the group somewhere in the wilds of the North?  Maybe we should just go somewhere else and spend some family time where the kids can ride, play and have a great time. Lovely Hubby can fish and I can relax, do all of the above and sneak in a bit of crochet too!

Decisions, decisions.
xx Susan

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