Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting things sorted

This weekend seems to have been one for getting things done.

I've started on decluttering again and have been tossing things bits at a time.  It's certainly a great feeling getting rid of some of our junk.

My car also finally got fixed.  The wheel bearings (or so I've been told that's what it was), were in a horribly bad way and the car was making an awful noise when I drove it.  In fact, I got to the stage where I didn't want to drive it in case the wheels fell off!

So Rian, (hubby's cousin) and hubby got out their trusty tools and spent Saturday morning working on my car and making it all better.

Of course we couldn't have all those tools laying around and not have Master M getting into things.  He decided that he would take the training wheels off his bike and then when Daddy walked away from the car for a moment, he got his trusty spanner and tried to help Daddy 'fix' the wheels.

I was wondering if it was a scene I'll be witnessing more of in parts laying around my back yard!  I really hope not.

What a mess!  At least Little Miss R only wanted to play with the bubble wrap she found.

Sunday dawned very dark and cloudy so we hoped it wouldn't rain too much so we could get our camper trailer up for the first time.

Off came the cover...

...out came the tent...

..and after quite a few adjustments, we got it up.  We did have help from kids and dogs.

(the above picture is especially for Jeff who is away at the moment so I thought I'd put in a photo with his 'girls' in it).

The main area of the tent has quite a bit of space.

The mattress isn't up there yet but we'll put a queen size one up on top of the trailer there for a comfy sleep.

I though we did pretty well considering the dodgy instructions we had (i.e. NONE) and the fact that we've never put a camper up before.   Our marriage is still in tact so it went really well I think!!!  Now we have a better idea of what to do, it should be a lot easier next time.

It started to pour rain just as we opened the tent up so luckily most of the setting up was done on the inside and we didn't get too wet.  Unfortunately it's been raining all day now so we'll have to wait a bit before we can have a go at pulling it down.

The afternoon was spent cuddling up at home because of the rain, then lovely hubby took the kids to visit his mother and I grabbed the opportunity to have a bit of time to myself.

We all know what I do when I have some time to myself!  Can you see where I'm up to in the picture?

That's right..I'm working on the border of lovely hubby's blanket.  Yippee!!  I'm very excited about how much I've been getting done lately and will hopefully be able to reveal the full blanket to you in a couple of days.

Hope your weekend was good wherever you are.

xx Susan

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