Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rain, rain go away.....

I normally love rain.

When so many people complain about the torrential downpours we have here, I'm secretly smiling and content inside knowing that the sound of the pattering rain on the tin roof brings me happiness.

Not so at the moment.

I'm being a bit torn actually.  When it starts to pour down I have a brief blissful moment before I realise that our camper trailer is still up.

We put it up the other day and that's just one problem with a camper trailer as it's best to have it dry out when you pack it up.  You can pack them up wet, you just need to dry them out when you get home soon after your trip.

We haven't been on our trip yet and as the group we were going to the Cape with left on Monday, it looks like we may have missed the boat and so are planning a some smaller family trips in other areas.

The tow bar is now on the ute (the right one got put on yesterday!) so we can pretty well go when we want.

When will that be?  Who knows!

I'm hoping that it will be this weekend at least and our first stop will be Cania Gorge.  I'm so looking forward to going there.

Will update more when I have an inkling of an idea as to what's happening.

xx Susan

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Anonymous said...

Hey Susie,
We took the kids to Cania last month. It's really good. It was pretty chilly when we went and the girls got to see their first frost. Nice bush walks too, you'll love it.
Safe travels
Kylie :)