Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sports day

Thursday was Sports day at Little Miss R's school.

The prep to year 3's (5-8 year olds) dressed up in their house colours of red, blue or green.

It was organised chaos and reminded me why I'm NOT and can NEVER be a teacher.

The children participated in running races.

They also did long jump, tug of war, tunnel races...

...and all manner of obstacle course things.

Little Miss R did NOT enjoy her day.  She's not very sporty and hated every minute of being there on sports day.  (Very different from the rest of the women in our family).

Having said that, when it came to one of her running races, a lovely teacher held her hand and ran with her.  She now proudly displays her ribbon for coming 3rd!

We did leave school early and came home to have our own play time which she was much happier about.

xx Susan

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