Monday, August 1, 2011

A blanket or two

So how am I going with my crochet projects?

Pretty well actually, mainly because I'm avoiding lots of housework.

Dear Hubby's blanket is coming along really well.  I got heaps done on my 3 hour train trip the other day and have been hooking away doing rows whenever I can.

I'm using only 4 colours for this, grey, purple and green.  They work really well together and I've been getting a lot of positive comments on this particular blanket which is nice.

I'm hoping to have it finished before we go on holidays which means I've got just over a week.

If I don't finish it then I can take it with me to finish as well as taking enough yarn to start on some other projects.

The other WIP that I have is one of my nephews blankets for Christmas. 

It's not going well.

I keep misjudging how much yarn I need so I've been running out of colours at different times.

Then some of those colours are no longer available which is very frustrating so I've had to find new ways to work with the colours I have.

I'm really not liking it so I think I'll end up making two different blankets from it instead of trying to make it work then not being happy with it.

For now, I think I'll put it aside and start on a completely different blanket for Nephew S.  He deserves a lovely blanket which I'm happy with, not a scrappy one.

So I think it's time to get a bit more yarn and start on something completely different. 

We've got over 4000km to drive on our upcoming trip so I think I'll get plenty of hooky time in while we're away.

xx Susan

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