Saturday, July 30, 2011

An indulgent night

Friday night there was a party at hubby's work for the crew that are leaving in the next week or so. 

It provided a fantastic opportunity for us to have a night away together which is so rare these days.

We shipped the kidlettes off to my parents for the night and I caught the train to the Gold Coast which was really exciting for me as I haven't been on a train in YEARS!

Master M was very excited to wave Mummy off on the train.  It was all very exciting for him especially as he was given a sticker and Thomas the Tank Engine colouring book from the staff at the station.

The train whizzed past pineapple farms and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Considering it was a 3 hour train trip (with a 20 minute wait in Brisbane to change trains), it was the perfect opportunity to indulge in some hooky time.  I could certainly not do that if I was driving myself to the coast.

Hubby picked me up from the station and gave me a tour of his work site which is close to completion and looks so amazingly different from the last time I saw it.

Then we checked into our hotel which is in the heart of Surfers Paradise and was really lovely.  It was the Watermark and we had hinterland views instead of ocean views but that was fine by me.  Any view is pretty amazing to me.

The party was held at the Advancetown Pub somewhere in those distant hills.

Another couple from hubby's work were staying in the hotel too and T is pregnant so we had a driver for the night....sweet!

The party was great but I have to say I thoroughly loved having some child free moments lazing around in my hotel waffle robe and slippers and just chilling in the room. 

Breakfast wasn't bad either as it was a huge buffet full of nearly any food known to man. 

No photos of the buffet..sorry.  I was too busy stuffing my face trying to decide what to eat.

It's back to reality and home now but it's certainly been a lovely respite for us.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend too.

xx Susan

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