Thursday, July 7, 2011

A day in life:: Wednesday

It's the middle day of the school holidays and has dawned a beautiful, clear day.  It is a little breezy which means that the temperature is staying down a little but we're still not exactly rugged up for winter.  In fact, we're all wearing shorts and a long sleeve cotton shirt today!

I decided to try something different for breaky and recently found a recipe for homemade crumpets.  They are sooooooo easy to make, probably easier than pancakes because you don't have to stand there and flip them.

I made the batter, greased the egg rings then into the pan went the mixture..

..they started to bubble up and pop and look a bit more like 'real' crumpets.

Absolutely delicious with butter and golden syrup (for me) and honey or maple syrup for the kids.


Then it was off to the front garden for another 15 minutes of clearing.

We headed over to Mum's to do some watering...


...and pick some yummy snow peas.

We now have plenty of tomatoes so I may have to make some passata or something.

Then it was home for a coffee and some computer time while the kidlettes had a play. 
I'm tweaking the look of my blog so you may see a few changes over the next little while.

Lunch was some pasta with a little melted butter, fresh chopped parsley, fresh cherry tomatoes and a little grated parmesan.  DeLIciOUS!!

More garden time in the afternoon and it's also been a perfect day for getting the washing dry.

A little hooky time was squeezed in of course.

A yummy dinner of fish and chips before settling in to watch the State of Origin.  GO MAROONS!!!

What a legend of a team!

I hope you all had a great Wednesday too.

xx Susan

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Sandy said...

Aren't the crumpets so EASY to make, and they're 'just like crumpets'!! Very exciting. Now I know why the produce has been very slim pickings at Mum's. I'll have to beef up my garden to compensate. Come and grab something from my garden to fill up your newly cleaned front one. Am sure I've got excess plants that will suit.