Friday, July 15, 2011

How to enjoy school holidays

Step 1.  (and the most important)      IGNORE THE HOUSEWORK

Step 2.  Let the children play with blocks (outside as it makes the house look slightly tidier)

Step 3.  Let them play in the sandpit and make mud pies.  This in turn makes their feet, hands, legs, arms, bodies, hair and nearly everywhere else covered in mud.  (An extra load of washing is no hardship with my fantastically brilliant and oh so quiet washing machine.)

Step 4.  Let them find your camera and take 20 photos of their feet while you go inside to make a cup of coffee.

Step 5.  Let them have LOTS of playtime outside and not let them inside if possible.

Step 6.  As they seem to NEED to be near Mummy no matter where she is then it's very important to be outside with them.  The best way to do that is to do this.......

....for most of the day.

If that means ignoring nearly everything else that you think needs to be done....

for the sake of your sanity.....

Crochet nearly ALL day is a MUST!

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