Monday, July 11, 2011

LOOK!.....they're growing!!!!

Do you remember when I planted some seeds?

Well my rocket is growing which I'm so excited about!

Then there's the garlic that's starting to come up.  I'm completely making up what to do with this so I'm stoked that there are 4 little buds popping through the soil.  You can see two of them below.

Since taking these photos yesterday and blogging today a very sad thing has happened. 

Last night was REALLY windy and my seedlings got blown off the bench where they've been living happily since I planted them.  I've been able to save a few of the rocket and replant them but everything else has landed together in one big dirt heap. 

Not happy!

Ah well,  I'll just nurture my rocket and keep my other plants going for the moment and sometime in the next week I'll look at planting some more seeds again.

Enjoy your day.

xx Susan

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