Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crochet, crochet and uhm... crochet

Have you guessed from the title that this post will be about crochet? 

What smart cookies you are!  Yes it is about all my latest offerings as I've got a few projects on the go here right now.  I usually limit myself to 2 projects at a time as I really don't like lots of unfinished things about the place.

Right now I actually have 3 projects on the go and there's a good reason for that which you will find out soon.

The first project is one of my Christmas blankets, this one for Nephew S.  I'm doing a granny square blanket but with a bit of a difference.

I wasn't really liking this blanket once I started it as the colours weren't really working for me but then I had a brainwave and decided to do something different than a blanket of just granny squares.

I'm now joining a group of 9 squares on the go then surrounding each group in a border of blue.  I'll continue working the blue border then join them all together once it's big enough so that I'll have six 'groups' of 9 granny squares as the feature in the middle of the blanket.

I'm much happier about it now and really starting to like the blanket but I have one BIG problem.  I've run out of blue and red yarn!  I need the red to finish the last cluster of 9 squares as it's the colour which really stands out and brings the blanket to life. 

The blue I of course need for the borders so I need LOTS more of it.  Until I get more then this blanket is on hold.

So I've been making quite a bit of progress on Dear Hubby's (DH) blanket which he requested AGES ago and which I have only just started.


I'm only using four colours in this one and am just LOVING the combination.  I'm making a granny stripe blanket for him because I really love doing this pattern and I think it looks great too.

My brainwave of making this to give to him for our wedding anniversary probably wasn't the best idea as I only started it four days before.  Mmmmm...not my best idea!  I did tell him on our anniversary that it was his present only it was about 20cm long at the time.  Ooops.

Unfortunately, I've also run out of yarn on this project too.  I've got plenty of green, purple and black, just no grey right now so I need more of that before I can surge ahead.

Which is why I've started a third project.

You may remember that I recently purchased some really pretty coloured yarn that I just wanted to start using.  This is it in its glorious colours...

Well very late last night (VERY, VERY late as I was watching Wimbledon), I finally decided what I wanted to do with it.  African flowers.

I absolutely LOVE these and I think they look their best when they're bright and colourful so I decided to give them a go. 

Following the free pattern I'd obtained from the links above I ended up with something that looked like this.....

I was NOT happy as it's not how I wanted it to look so I decided to look at some pictures of some finished flowers and tweak the pattern a bit until I had something I was happier with. The result is below.

This is so much better and I'm much happier with this result.  I'm starting to join them together as I go so I'll give you an update when I'm a bit further along.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great weekend. 
(I'm having a day to myself tomorrow while DH looks after the kids.  I'm SO excited about it!)

xx Susan

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