Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to exhaust yourself in one morning.

The easiest way to exhaust yourself is to have your two nephews over.  Four children, one 6 years old, one 5 years old and two 3 year olds with LOTS of energy certainly keep you on your toes.

I knew I had to be organised and have lots of patience (how do women with 4 small children DO this all the time!)

First up, we made pancakes for breakfast which were delicious and a big hit.

Then there was some tv time and play time while I cleaned up breaky and got some washing on.

I really should have expected a destroyed lounge room......

There was a lot of playing with cars, doing puzzles, colouring in and making cubby houses.

Then Nephew J (6 yo) wanted me to make him a paper airplane.

My first attempts didn't work properly so I got out my trusty laptop and found some fantastic paper airplane making sites.

We had airplanes flying everywhere around the house and yard (the sun was out by then so I could get the kids outside playing....relief!)

I then decided to look up some origami websites and found some great children's origami instructions.


I just made everything with plain white paper (because that's what I had) which we then coloured in.  The first thing I made was the cute little dog face above.

Then I made a whale.

Then it was little pig and rabbit faces.

Then a very cute little house.

I wish I could say it was much quieter after lunch when the boys had gone home but my two were so hyped up that it was an equally exhausting afternoon. 

The only consolation was that we were ALL tired (read.. grumpy tantrums) so it was early dinner, baths and then a nice and early bed for us all. 

The kidlettes were snoring by the time daddy got home and I didn't even stay up to watch any Wimbledon which shows how knackered I was!

Hope your day is a little more relaxing than mine, especially as I've just found out I'm doing it all again tomorrow!

xx Susan

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