Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Picnic Reward

Lately I have been making up rewards charts to try and encourage the kidlettes to do their jobs around the house.  These aren't really big jobs, more like making beds, getting dressed and cleaning their teeth without taking all day as it usually would plus we only stamp the reward chart on weekdays.

Each weekend, if they've got every one of their jobs stamped for the week, then they get a special treat.  That treat consists of either going to one of the local playgrounds (usually the one at Landsborough because it's quite amazing), going for a ride at the local bike park, going on a picnic, cooking with mum or anything else I can come up with. 

There's only one special reward each week and so far they have consisted of the local playground and cooking.
This weekend was different, we all really wanted to go on a picnic, especially as Daddy was home to enjoy the reward too.

We didn't go far, only about a 10 minute drive up the road to
Ewen Maddock Dam Park.  We've heard about this park and how it's been done up but have never been here before which is a shame when it's so close to us. 

It was fantastic, especially as we wanted to go on a bushwalk and this one was perfect for little legs.  We had lunch in the picnic area first (above photo) which looks over Ewan Maddock Dam.  There was a breeze and it was a bit cold but we soon warmed up once we started walking.
From the picnic area we headed to the boardwalk which goes out over the water where Master M was sure there were crocodiles.. he looked very hard.

Then it was into the bush along the sometimes muddy path and through the trees and ferns.  It was so lovely looking through the trees back over the dam.

And then there was the 'troll' bridge within the 'fairy' groves.  It was just beautiful and such a lovely outing with the family.  Best of all, it's only about 10 minutes from our house so I think this will be one place we will visit more often.

I hope you're all enjoying your day.

xx Susan

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Sandy said...

I know, isn't this spot fantastic! I thought the kids would love it, so pleased you all did. Jeff and the girls are there right now having a run.