Monday, June 27, 2011

Citrus anyone?

We headed out to my sister Sandy's house the other day (check out her blog at Heart's Landscapes), to drop Little Miss R off who was having a sleepover. 

While there we picked some citrus as their trees are full of beautiful, juicy fruit. 

These are some of the orange and mandarine trees...

...and this is the fruit on the lemon tree.

This is what we picked off just two trees while we were there.

The blue bag above is what I brought home.  There are a few mandarins in there but mostly lemons because I decided to do this with them.....

I've zested and juiced two lemons at a time and put them into containers to freeze.  It's a perfect amount for lemon butter and tomorrow I'll zest and juice some more to freeze.  I'll now be able to make lemon butter all year if I wish because I'll have so many 'blocks' of the lemon juice.

I may even freeze some into ice cube trays or other smaller amounts for those times when you just need a little bit of lemon juice for cooking with.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

xx Susan

P.S.  I've now got 10 blocks of lemon juice and still have another 11 lemons left to squeeze (even after giving quite a few to my neighbour!)

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