Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gorgeous Winter's Day

Winter around here certainly doesn't mean snow, blizzards and freezing rain.

We are blessed living in the sub-tropics with beautiful, sunny days that start off really chilly (been less than 10 degrees c overnight here) and warmish days.

I walked out the back about 7.30am and was greeted with this sky...

Not a cloud in sight and another beautiful day to enjoy. 

Yesterday it got up to at least 24 degrees c and I was way too hot with even a cardigan on.  They call this winter?  No wonder I love this season so much, the temperature is just right for me. 

I'm sure I've mentioned before that after being pregnant over Summer with Master M a few years ago (he was born in January), I really don't enjoy that season much anymore.  It's way too hot, muggy and icky.  The days may be beautiful, but when it's too hot to get out and enjoy it without being a ball of sweat and burnt to a crisp in a few minutes then I don't consider that too much fun. 

Bring on more days like this I say.

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