Thursday, June 9, 2011

Superhero Day

Today was Superhero day at Little Miss R's school.  Now this is not the Superman, Batman, Spiderman or any of the comic book superheroes..No.  This was Queensland Superheroes in honour of Queensland Day on the 6th of June and all the Emergency services and volunteers who have been heroes over the past 6 months during the natural disasters we have experienced.

Little Miss R was very determined that she was going to dress up as a Policeman.  So that meant I needed to find a police costume so in this day of internet where else do you go but your internet search engine and images.  I found out what Queensland police wear and designed a very easy costume around that... navy blue pants, light blue shirt, navy blue hat and badges.

The badges were what I thought were going to be the hardest thing but ended up being quite easy because I copied, pasted, printed and glued the badges then used safety pins to secure them onto the shirt. 

The hat I made out of cardboard, a copy of a badge and a strip of white paper which I coloured in then glued on.  The sticky tape around the top of the hat doesn't look quite flash I know but it was all I had at the time and in the end my little girl was so proud of her costume so that's all that mattered.  In fact, I was pretty proud of my first school costume effort too.

I just hope in future they will all be this easy.

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