Sunday, June 5, 2011

An eclectic weekend

I'm really not sure how to describe this weekend. It's been good, bad, boring, exciting, happy and all of the above a number of times. Late last week we had a few late afternoon storms although none broke anywhere near our house. There were a few that went to the north and south of us creating some wonderful dark, stormy clouds, but we didn't get any rain or thunder around us.

I've been doing lots of cooking and baking and having such a wonderful time doing it and trying out new things. I went through my freezer, pantry and fridge to find out exactly what foods I have so I can plan our meals a bit more and reduce some waste and was amazed to discover that we had about 10 jars of jam!!

My mum's a fantastic jam maker and her Rosella jam is probably my favourite jam as it's something I can always remember her making and the jam I've grown up with. Having said that, I'm not really a big jam eater and neither is my husband or kids so to have about 10 jars of either home made or bought jam seems a bit extravagent. So I decided if we're not going to eat much jam in our day to day normal lives then I'd better find some recipes which have jam in them.
I've started with a Jam Crumble slice which is very yummy and really very crumbly so it's aptly named. I've used up quite a bit of my store of raspberry jam for this one which I think its sweetness has worked well with the rest of the mixture in this slice.

Some of the baking that I've been doing has also helped when lovely hubby helped out at my cousin's house on Sunday. My cousin has just finished building a new house and has quite a large yard which needs a bit doing to it. They hired a bobcat which is where hubby came into help as driving machines (although usually much larger than a bobcat) is what he does.

He shifted lots of dirt so the kidlettes and I turning up with homemade morning tea of jam slice, cupcakes and meringues was a nice break... I hope. The kidlettes loved playing in the very red dirt and also having a go climbing onto the bobcat.

They even got a ride in it later on when daddy was shifting some dirt which was Oh So EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's back into the working week tomorrow although it really doesn't feel like we've had a break from last week yet. I'm hoping to get in and get a bit more done around the house this week as I really struggled with everything last week. No matter how much I tried to do something around the house last week, by the end of the day everything just seemed worse....enough on that and how frustrating everything seems at the moment as you really don't need to hear all of that.

I just want to have some time to do some crochet without feeling guilty that there are a million other things I should be doing. In fact I think I used to do a lot more crochet when I was working as I seemed to find the time more often..go figure! I don't think I've picked up a hook in well over a week now which is EXTREMELY frustrating and with everything else I have on a list to do, it may be another couple of weeks before I do anymore.

So I'll leave you with a sneak preview of what I'm currently working on which is a blanket for one of my nephew's. I'm making a granny square blanket in natural colours (which is actually left over from other projects as it's the only yarn I have in my stash right now). I'm really yearning to do something really different in big, bright, bold colours but that shall have to wait a bit longer....sigh....

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Sandy said...

15 minutes at a time......even crochet. :)