Monday, May 30, 2011

Who doesn't love a Cupcake?

Who doesn't love a cupcake? They are such a happy little joyful mouthful of deliciousness and can be made into so many flavours that you cannot possibly not love them.

Lately I seem to have been making dozens of them in a few kinds of flavours and it all started with the ones I made for my birthday. I really wanted butterfly cakes and not just one plain big old cake which has what's really started my current kitchen craze.

Then my delightful sister gave me a cupcake recipe book from the Love Bakery for my birthday and I of course can't let a good book go to waste and just had to try them. The vanilla cupcake recipe is very similar to the one that I've been making lately and it's honestly like eating flavoured air. That's how light and fluffy they are.

Then today I decided to give another couple of flavours a go. The classic chocolate had to be tried not only because it has a couple of different ingredients in buttermilk and white wine vinegar but because Master M is a bit of a chocoholic (you should have seen the colour of his face once he'd cleaned out the bowl!)

As for me, vanilla cupcakes are my favourite but I was desperate to try the mocha ones as not much beats that beautiful blend of chocolate and coffee. These didn't disappoint as they are absolutely DIVINE!!

Luckily for me, cupcakes freeze really well (yes even once iced) and I also made sure I made mini cupcakes as they're a better size for the kidlettes and my hips. :)

If you freeze them (and don't eat them all yourself) then you've always got something on hand for when unexpected visitors pop by. Just take them out of the freezer and by the time the kettle's boiled and the tea is made then the cupcakes are back to their beautiful, light, airy selves.

Enjoy your day my friends!

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JeffP said...

The coffee cup cakes where divine! I hoovered mine in 3 heartbeats and had to hide Sandy's in the cupboard to help protect her share!