Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water Play

Monday dawned fine and absolutely beautiful. What made it even better was it was a public holiday so we got to spend the gorgeous day as a family.

We dusted off the kayak and drove down to Coochin Creek to go for a paddle and have a picnic. The kidlettes absolutely LOVED being in the kayak and then it was even more exciting because my brother G turned up with his two boys which made the day even more fun.

It was so peaceful being out on the water in the kayak. We haven't used it in AGES and I'd forgotten just how much I loved kayaking. This first shot is looking one way up the creek towards the Bribie Passage.

...and then looking the other way down the creek towards where my brother lives.

Paddling around the monstrosity of a boat that has sunk in the middle of the creek I was amused to find a For Sale sign on the boat. Hmmm.. not sure if they'll have too many offers for this.

Looking back to the bank of the creek where the kids were playing and the dad's were getting the fishing gear ready.

Uncle G decided it would be a better day if he went back home and got the boat so off he drove just down the road to his house, launched the boat in the creek out the back and putted back up to where we were. How much fun was it for all the kidlettes to be in the boat. My kidlettes had never actually been in a boat before, only the kayak so it was the highlight for them.

Of course Little Miss R really wanted to catch a fish so she had a go off the bank, then sat in the back of the kayak desperately wanting a fish to hop on her line. Just after our yummy picnic lunch, Daddy took her back out in the kayak and I'm so very proud to say that she caught her first ever fish!!!! The excitement of it and the joy on her face was delightful.

Unfortunately it was too small (being only about 10 cm long) but we got a photo before it got thrown back and we have one very proud little fisher girl in our house now. She loves her little pink fishing rod even more now.

As for me, once all the big boys and the kidlettes were all occupied in boats, I realised that I had some rare time to myself. What to do? A cup of coffee beside the bank of the creek definately.....

...and of course some hooky time. I put my crochet basket in at the last minute, not because I thought I'd really get a chance to actually do any but something told me to bring it so I did. It was lovely to sit in the quiet beside the creek, hooking away and watching my family having fun out on the water.

Such happy days.

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