Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday wishes

Friday 2oth May

My birthday

37 years old! Goodness, have that many years zoomed passed already?

So what did I do? Did I get spoiled, pampered, looked after?

Well not entirely.

It was a usual day in our household with darling hubby at work (leaving at 4am) and it was also a school day for Little Miss R. Master M and I spent the day together so I therefore didn't get very pampered and looked after by him.

The evening was a different matter. My birthday seemed all about food for some reason but that's ok because I'm very fond of food, good food, yummy food and sharing food. My uncle came over for dinner and so I didn't have to cook as he ordered pizza for us.

I have been really wanting Oysters Kilpatrick lately so I decided my birthday was the perfect day to treat myself. An entree of oysters, pizza for mains, then cake for dessert. Not just any cake, it has to be butterfly cakes because that's what I've been wanting rather than plain old cupcakes.

They were absolutley delicious! I also did a batch of plain cupcakes just in case the cream butterfly cakes weren't a hit and I'm glad I did because they proved perfect for putting the candles in.

Darling hubby didn't get home until it was nearly the kidlettes bedtime so he missed most of the day which was a shame but we'll make sure we spend Sunday doing something special instead I think.

All in all, it was a quiet but lovely day.

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