Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pumpkin love

Aaaah pumpkins. Anyone in my family reading this will laugh and get a kick out of it because they know how much I've had an extremely hateful relationship with pumpkins for most of my life. I know that hateful is a strong word but that's exactly how I felt about pumpkins as I could hardly even think about them without wanting to be sick sometimes.

Then a few years ago, for some unknown reason (I don't think I was even pregnant at the time), I had some pumpkin. Since then I have been in love with this vegetable and have it with nearly every meal.

Now we have our own pumpkin vine taking over the back yard and soon I will be able to pick and eat my very own pumpkins. There are at least 12 that I can see peeking through the leaves....

...sitting at the edge of the vine for all visitors to see and admire....

...oh look, there's two close together. Don't they look just yummy...

...and just in case you're sick of looking at pumpkins by now, I've snuck in a photo with some passionfruit growing on the vine... next to a pumpkin of course!

Enjoy your day my friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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