Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Things:: I made in my kitchen today

1. Pastry

I made a goulash last night and decided to make the leftovers into a pie tonight. I would normally just grab some frozen pastry out of the freezer (quick, easy and great when you're being lazy) but I had plenty of time today and it's really not difficult to make

2. Mayonnaise

This was the first time I have attempted to make mayonnaise and it was NOT a success. I think I've used too much oil because it's very runny and basically tastes just like oil. It's pretty crappy really so I think I need to research the correct amounts to use again.

3. Meringues

As I used the egg yolk in the mayonnaise, I couldn't waste the egg white and the best thing to use an egg white is for meringues. These were a resounding success which is really exciting because it's the first time I've ever made them. I can't believe that I've never made them before really or even why I thought that they were hard to make because they were SOOOOOO easy.

I had to taste one for quality control purposes and they are a bit addictive. I was good and only had the one, well maybe then I had another one once I picked the kids up from school as I couldn't let them have afternoon tea on their own could I? The kidlettes approved of this little treat too!

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