Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day out with my sister:: Part 2

Back to the rest of the day out with my lovely sister Sandy.

After stuffing ourselves on delicious steak sandwiches, it was back in the car to head down the range towards Esk where there was another fantastic Antique shop. Now I have driven through Esk a million times and didn't even know that this shop was there. Then again Esk has always been a mid journey toilet stop and perhaps a pie from the bakery if a bit peckish so I've not really given a thought to the other shops in town.

This Antique shop is in an old pub in the middle of town and is a rabbit warren of rooms upstairs and down absolutely full to the brim of STUFF.

There was this fantastic old pram on the path out the front.

Not to mention this fella......

Inside was full of furniture, crockery, kitchen items, crystal, glass and this lovely spinning wheel.

The old hand turn sewing machines were just beautiful.

I loved all the bits and pieces in this room (with my sister looking on). He hee, I don't think she realised that I snapped her!

Then there's the old washboards which my grandmother used, and even my mother while we used to live down on the farm. I wonder what my grandmother's reaction would be if she knew just how much these cost now!

After peeking and poking around the rooms downstairs, it was time to head up to the next level to see what treasures were there.

Rooms upon rooms and a huge verandah (this is only the small side section of the verandah), absolutely chock full of stuff. (Some was lovely and some I have to say was pretty crappy.)

This is looking down the hallway with furniture one either side all the way and there are then rooms coming off either side full of treasures as well.

Once we finished peeking into every room that we could then it was back in the car for the rest of the drive home which took about one and a half hours. It was a lovely day which we both thoroughly enjoyed. It's not often that my sister and I get out and about doing things these days so it was extra special that I got to spend the day with her. Luv ya!

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