Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day out with my sister:: Part 1

On Thursday I went out with my sister for a drive to some Antique shops in Esk and Crows Nest.

It was quite a wet day but such a lovely drive over winding up the road through Peachester, Kilcoy, Toogoolawah, Esk then up to Crows Nest. The drive between Esk and Crows Nest is up through the winding, tree lined range which was quite misty and magical. The photo below was taken on the way home but on the was wet, misty, green and just lovely.

Onto Crows Nest and to Salts Antiques which is a treasure trove of furniture, and bed warmers (hanging on the wall below)....

....1950's picnic sets with real china: no plastic here!

A gorgeous old loom and I apologise now for the quality of some of the photos as it was really difficult to take great photos without light shining from behind no matter which way you tried to take a photo from.

The glass and crystal was absolutely gorgeous and spread out over a huge table. I was so worried that my handbag would knock something off and break it so I had to gingerly walk down the narrow aisles. Eeeeek!

Some of my favourite things are the useful and battered old pioneer things. I love old tubs, buckets and anything that people used to use in everyday life and shops like these are such treasure troves of goodies that you can't help but get excited.

The below picture is of a knife polisher which I had never heard of. I've heard of knife sharpeners but not knife polishers.

And then there were the sewing many of them lined up in the windows.

All ancient Singers of course.

Plenty of furniture including this gothic looking bookcase. It was so intricately carved with lions heads and other interesting bits and pieces but the close ups didn't turn out very well, sorry for that.

If you ever need a tea trolley to serve in the sitting room after dinner while your husband is enjoying his port then you can get one here.

Now I didn't buy anything but only because I was VERY strong. I don't really have anywhere to put most things because we have a small, cluttered house and as we will be moving over the next few months it would be best to see what I like that would suit our new house. My sister Sandy did buy a couple of lovely tidbits which you see below.

A lovely copper kettle and a silver coffee pot which are just lovely and will be perfect for use as props in her art work.

Enough of the antiques though, we were starving by this time as we'd been on the road for nearly a couple of hours then ferreting around in an antique shop. It was off to Hampton about 12 kilometres away to a cafe where we had the most fantastic steak sandwiches. They were truly among the yummiest steak sandwiches we've ever had and I don't think the fact that we were starving had any influence on that decision!

So I'll leave you with lunch and will let you know about the rest of our day next time.

With love xxxxxx Susan

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