Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Today has just been the most beautiful, happiest of days. The weather has been just gorgeous, even a little hot and humid which is a bit odd as it's late April and well into Autumn.

It's been such a lovely happy day that I didn't even take any photos. Didn't even THINK of it until late this afternoon as I was so occupied with everything else! So you'll just have to put up with the photos of the gorgeous lilly's I received a few days ago from a couple of my lovely young clients. The girl's that gave me the flowers are gorgeous and I have so much time for them so the fact that they gave me these flowers as a thank you and goodbye gift was really touching.

I LOVE lilly's and yellow is such a happy colour. Our little family has loved having these flowers on our table to watch each of them slowly unfurl to reveal their bright and cheery fullness.

As for bright and cheery, I have to admit that the day didn't quite begin that way. I did get to have a wonderful sleep in (after Master M came in very early, stood beside my bed and asked for a drink of milk). Daddy sorted that request out while I stayed snuggled under the covers for another half hour or so.

The rest of the morning was taken up with lots of washing, playing outside, decluttering and tidying up inside and then much more playing. It's been quite a productive day as Lovely Hubby has had a HUGE declutter of the shed and I've got quite a bit of decluttering and tidying done inside while still having plenty of time for the kidlettes.

I sort of feel like Supermum today which is quite a rare feeling I have to say. Normally I feel like just getting by Mum but lately things are changing and I'm beginning to feel like the kind of Mum I've always wanted to be. More on that another time maybe..

So for now I wish everyone a bright, happy and wonderful Easter. The kidlettes are in bed, the footy's on the tv and I'm off to do a bit more crochet while hubby's doing computer game things..... each to their own!

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