Monday, April 4, 2011


Well it certainly looked like Sunday was going to be a rainy day with a few dark clouds around. It held off though and we were able to have plenty of play time in the back yard (as well as getting the washing dry!)

Lunch was a very yummy sandwich of leftover rosemary and mint roast lamb (from previous nights' dinner), home made tomato relish (yum), cheese, baby spinach and tomato. Thoroughly filling and enjoyable.

Hmmm....this looks like it's turning into a food post doesn't it? After much playing out the back, we had a platter of apple, cheese and crackers for afternoon tea. Then the kidlettes headed off next door to run off some energy with the 3 children that live there. They have a trampoline and a much bigger yard than us so the kids really love going over there to play.

My lovely sister Sandra turned up and we both sat on my outdoor lounge, listening to the laughter of the kids while they played and getting a bit of hooky time in.

We're both working on granny stripe blankets at the moment and I was amazed at the differences between the two. The colours of course make a huge difference (mine is the earthy coloured stripe while Sandy's is the bright one), but even the size of the stitches were quite different and shows just how individual a blanket can be. I crochet quite loosely and even though I'm using a 3mm hook for this project, my stitches were still bigger than my sister's who was using a 3.5mm hook. They both look fantastic though.

J (brother in law) came back to pick up Sandy after he had taken the dogs for a run. I couldn't resist taking the photo below and for dog lovers don't worry, they were only hooked up to the clothes line for about 1 minute. The faces on the dogs when they realised that they could only walk in a circle was priceless. Such funny girls are our Jess and Sophie.

Once our visitors went home then it was time for a bit of quiet hooky time while having a wine before the kidlettes came home from next door. The wine was completely for medicinal purposes only as my toe was getting a bit sore by this time you see.

A quick and easy chicken stir fry was whipped up for dinner then it was an early night for the kidlettes after all their running around. Aaaahhh, peace and quiet, perfect for a bit more crochet I think.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

xxx Susan xxx

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