Friday, April 15, 2011

It's all about crochet!

It's been awhile since I've written about any decent crochet happenings in the household. Oh I know I've mentioned doing little bits here and there during my days or weekends and giving you little peeks of my projects but I haven't shown you much at all.

This is what I'm up to now....

This is Nephew M's blanket I'm making him for Christmas in a earthy granny stripe. I realised today that I really don't have much to go until I've finished it which is really quite exciting. In fact, I only need to do about 4 or 5 more colour rows and then the main blanket is completed. All that will be left of this one will be the border which means there's a real possibility that it will be completed this weekend. Go me!!

Then there's the ripple blanket that I'm doing for Niece H. I'm using only 3 colours for this one and it really reminds me of fairy floss for some reason, maybe it's the colours? I thought the pink, cream and purple was just perfect for a little girl, especially as I'm doing boy colours for all the boys and there's 5 of them so I really needed something girly and pretty.

I originally started this one before the granny stripe blanket for Nephew M but really didn't like how it was turning out so when it was three quarters of the way completed, I unravelled it all and started again. I'm using a smaller hook size now and am so much happier with how it's turning out which is bloody good because I really didn't want to unravel it again!!

So there's my two current projects all snuggled up together and looking happy.

As much as I'm loving making blankets at the moment, I'm really wanting to do something else, some small project to keep me happy while I'm hooking away on blankets. I think I'm doing pretty well on time to get the seven blankets finished before Christmas. Two are completed, the third is almost there and the fourth is about half way through, so doing another small project in between blankets is a good idea don't you think?

Yes, I thought you'd agree with me. So what shall I do? Perhaps I will do a cushion cover because my throw cushions are in dire need of recovering or maybe I'll do a cardigan or some item of clothing as I'm desperate to try making some clothes.

I'll keep you posted when I decide what I'll do but if you have any suggestions just post a comment and let me know. All suggestions will be considered (within reason of course!!!!)

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

xxxxx Susan

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