Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More happy days

The days have been beautiful lately. It's autumn so the skies are blue and it's not too hot, just nice and pleasant to actually get out and do things.

It's school holidays so that's exactly what we've been doing. We have a playground only a couple of hundred metres around the corner from us but just down the road at Landsborough there's this......

I'm only showing you a couple of small sections of this playground but it's very popular. There's fortress areas, swings for big kids, swing for little kids, swings for babies, sand and water play areas, slippery slide's, covered play areas with lots of touch things to play with and..

If you look in the background of the above photo you'll see a flying fox. It's perfect for kids as it's a seat which they get strapped into then you push then down the cable so that they go fast, come to a flying stop and laugh and laugh and laugh. My kids absolutely love it!

We've also done some more baking, this time making jam drops although I really needed to be an octopus to get them made. The kidlettes realised we were cooking before I had time to set everything up so I had to stop them a number of times before who knew what and how much got poured into the bowl.

We eventually were able to get some biscuits into the oven, the above photo is the second batch and that's all that was left of it because both kidlettes thought the uncooked dough was REALLY yummy. I'm surprised we got any cooked actually.

Mmmmmmm....they are delicious with my morning coffee.

Enjoy your day.

(I have shortbread in the oven now and only had one helper for that!)

xxxx Susan

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