Monday, April 18, 2011

An all sorts weekend

We have had the most beautiful weather during the week, such lovely Autumn days with blue skies and pleasant humidity. Then the weekend arrived and with it came the clouds and the rain. Luckily it hasn't rained too heavily, just showers (some heavier than others) here and there so we've still been able to get out and do things.

Saturday arvo saw Little Miss R and Mummy off to the local swimming pool for the birthday party of a school friend. The birthday boy's parents run the pool so it was the perfect place to entertain the kids. They weren't too interested in the food, they just wanted to run around looking for things in the treasure hunt, then it was all in the pool for heaps of games.

Lots of very happy and tired kidlettes on Saturday night!

Sunday was another dull, overcast day but staying at home all day wasn't an option. The kidlettes were whinging, fighting, screaming, fighting, kicking, fighting........ so we thought we'd get out of the house and let them run around a bit.

Off to Moffat Beach near Caloundra this time. Even when overcast it still is lovely, except when Master M stirred the green ants nest up and they ran all over the picnic blanket.

Instead of packing a picnic we decided that as it was a cooler day we'd have fish and chips instead. (It was also a quick getaway out of the house so didn't really have time to pack a picnic...damn!)

Even though there weren't too many brilliant waves about, the surfers were still bobbing around in the water.

Looking over Moffat Beach from our picnic spot.

The other great thing about Moffat Beach is the fantastic playground it has. In fact it has two but we went to the main one in the main park area. There's this huge play area underneath a beautiful old tree (don't know what sort - sorry), and the kidlettes can run, slide, wobble along each section where it joins onto the next section curling up around the tree.

Some older kids were climbing the tree and Master M tried so desperately to get up to them but he was too short to reach the first big branch. When he does grow another couple of inches I think we're going to have to start looking up to find him!

Lovely hubby and I sat on the grass beside the playground and watched the kidlettes, the activities in the park and the water (including the poor person who's catamaran tipped over and they drifted near the outer breakers as they couldn't upright the boat. Luckily the surf lifesavers from Dicky beach came to the rescue in their boat just in time!)

Monday dawned very murky and wet, much wetter than the couple of previous days. Home day for the kidlettes and myself and I knew that we wouldn't be expending our energy at the park so I had to find some inside activities to do.

I really wanted to clean the toy boxes up because the whole toy area was such a cluttered mess. Amazingly we all had quite a bit of fun but then we made a bit of a game out of it and the kidlettes got to play with toys that hadn't seen in ages. While they were playing I sneakily got rid of quite a few of the broken ones.

We also found their super hero capes (had to get a chair and look up for these as someone taller than me.... had put them high up so we couldn't find them). These capes are reversible and were a Christmas gift from Aunty Sandy over at Hearts Landscapes.

I've had two little excited super heroes running around for most of the morning now with lots of 'super hero to the rescue' being yelled out as we run off with capes flying behind.

Nothing beats ham and cheese toasted sandwiches on a cool, wet day.

Play time in the 'home corner' in the dolls house....

...and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Looks like we're having roast chicken and potato, an egg, a mushroom and a cup of tea. What a feast!

Of course puzzle time is always fun too and we've done plenty of these.

The rain got heavier and more frequent during the afternoon and then Daddy arrived home early because he can't work when it's raining like this. What's even better is he's now got his last two days before the Easter break off so now he has an EXTENDED Easter holiday which is great for us. Yay! More family days!

Will attempt to let you know what's going on over the next few days while Daddy's home.

xxxxxxxxxxxx Susan

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