Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New play space

This Easter break seems to have been really busy even though we didn't go anywhere. We did have plenty of visitors, most of them were family who would pop in for a few hours or so and then we had some special friends stay overnight on Monday. Hello Sally and Tony! It was so fantastic to see you after all this time (we are so slack!) and I just thought I'd let you know that Little Miss R is now getting your name's right!

I've done plenty of decluttering over the past few days and still have SO much more to go but we did get the rest of the lounge room painted on Tuesday. That meant that I could then re-arrange a few things so the kidlettes got to have some painting time outside to keep them occupied for awhile. What masterpieces!

As we' ve moved my salon furniture into our garage I decided to utilise a bit leftover space out there and declutter inside in the process. Part of our lounge room was taken over with a play corner for the kidlettes and was always pretty messy so we've now moved the play area outside.

They have their kitchen that Poppy made for them, the dolls house, a toy box, a bench which now has pens and paper for drawing, a table and chairs and this.....

Master M got this workbench back in January for his birthday but we never had the room to set it up before now. He's spending most of his time out in the play area building lots of interesting things as well as just rearranging things all the time.

Little Miss R has just got home from school and after a quick change and a snack, all she wants to do is go play outside in the play area. Yay! It gets them out of the house.

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