Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs, balloons and pancakes

Today is Easter Sunday which meant waking up to an Easter Egg Hunt!

I was woken very early by Master M saying 'Mummy, I have an egg!' He soon woke his sister up and it was hunting through the house for eggs and Easter candy as Little Miss R doesn't like chocolate. (Shocking I know!)

Once the eggs were found in the house, it was off outside to hunt for the eggs the Easter bunny left out there. It was such an exciting time and what made it more exciting was the kids next door were out hunting too so they all got extra excited!

Not long after we heard from my sister Sandy that she was in the air on her hot air balloon ride so we jumped in the car and drove round the area hunting for a balloon. There it is, just behind Mt Tibrogargan! Oh it's about to fly behind it, quick, back in the car to give chase again!

That's better, then sun finally came out just as they were landing

Then it was home for pancakes for breaky. Yum, yum, yum..... and if the fact they they haven't got enough lollies and sweet things today doesn't send them super hyper, Daddy decided they could have some ice-cream with their pancakes.

All of that by 8am! At least the rest of the day was quieter and a bit less busy as we just had lots of play time at home.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter too.

xxxx Susan

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