Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More rainy days

First of all I want to say a bit THANK YOU to one of my lovely clients Lea. She gave me a gift of vegetarian sausage rolls the other day and they are absolutely truly and unbelievably scrummy!!!!! In fact, Lovely Hubby didn't even know they were vegetarian until I told him. So Lea, I know you're on holidays camping on fantastic Stradbroke Island (I don't envy you in this rain) at the moment but I have your number and will call you for the recipe when you get back. Be warned!!

As for today, well it's been another quite wet day so I've had to find ways to keep the kidlettes entertained. I did pretty well although I am a trifle sick of hearing the work 'Mummy' at the moment. I know in future that will be such an endearing sound and I'll wish to hear it again (probably when they're teenagers) but in a small house on a rainy day I really wish I could find somewhere I could hide!

Puzzles were brought out again but because we did so many yesterday the attention span didn't last as long. I didn't even begin to contemplate cooking with them because my attention span (not to mention temper) would have coped well with that today I don't think. We ended up settling on playdough which is that wonderful soft, colourful mix that can be cut, rolled and moulded into so many different shapes. The imagination is limitless!

The above picture is Master M's wonderful sculpture of a squirrel.

At least when they were cutting out shapes it was much easier to guess what they were doing without mummy feeling quite stupid for not knowing what they were sculpting. "No it's not a boat, dragon, melted ice-cream, rabbit.............. mummy. It's a SQUIRREL!"

Aaaaahhhh.... hands...... much easier to recognise.

Hmmmmm.....well yes....this is a ummm.... What a lovely sculpture Little Miss R. What have you made? Oh it's a STICK... of course it is!

And below we have Biggest Mountain (in blue) and the especially delightful Snow Cat (in pink).

We've also had quite a few visitors and lots of craft time at the table although no photos here as it was too much of a big MESS. Fun though I have to say.

Tomorrow it's back to work for me so the kidlettes will be home with Daddy ALL DAY! I wonder how her will cope if it rains all day? I'm not sure I want to even think about that.

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