Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grocery Challenge

Can a family of four eat well and spend only $80 on groceries each week? 

I don't know but I'm certainly going to try. 


I've been inspired by the challenges that Sue at this blogsite has been doing lately.

I knew I had to cut down some of the 'waste' associated with my grocery bill so what better way to really challenge myself than to feed my family for $80 per week.  We still want to eat well (doesn't everyone!) but I'm really thinking about our meals and our snacks more. 

I'm going back to basics and making more of our snacks like biscuits and cupcakes.

I'm also fortunate that we live in a farming area where there's a wide variety of produce.  Right now there's plenty of strawberries, pineapples and citrus available cheaply or even free in a number of cases which is even better!

My sister has a number of orange, mandarin and lemon trees that are fruiting right now, my Mum's always got vegetables growing in her garden and we've got pumpkins growing aplenty.  All of that certainly helps because I've been doing this challenge for two weeks now and so far I've been doing well.

It's taking quite a bit of planning and juggling to come in under budget as well as a lot of making the basic things myself rather than being lazy.  That's probably not the right word because sometimes making the basics just isn't possible with the two kidlettes around.

So how am I doing so far?

The first week I went over budget by 25 cents with my total coming to $80.25
The second week (which I'm still currently in) I'm up to $79.10. I've got enough to get me through until Wednesday easily so I'll be under budget this week.  Yay!  Go me!!   

My 'week' goes from Wednesday to Tuesday as hubby gets paid on a Tuesday night so I withdraw my ration money on a Wednesday morning.  I originally decided to try this challenge for 3 months but then I realised just how difficult it was going to be and thought 2 months might be better.

That seems like a cop out doesn't it so I think 3 months will be the challenge period and you are all going to keep me on track.

Wish me luck everyone and I'll keep you posted on how I'm going.

xx Susan


Shaheen said...

Sue's blog really is inspiring.

I wish you well with your challenge. Its good to read that you will have some fresh free seasonal produce coming your way too.

Sandy said...

You are doing so well! I blew my challenge. Am wondering if I should leave out the girls dog food. What do you think? Have to go and bake or I'll be in deeper trouble....Alex will be here for tutoring and food soon and he's a bottomless pit!

Sunshine Smiles said...

Thanks Shaheen. Sue's blog is very inspiring and I've had a peek at yours too which is pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to getting a bit more time to go through you archives as your recipes look delicious!