Thursday, June 23, 2011

A happy shopper

After taking Little Miss R to school on Thursday's, I usually head around to my Mum and Dad's for a visit as they look after my nephew.  He's the same age as Master M and they get along really well so it's a great play day for them. 

I've mentioned before that my Mum always has something growing in her vege garden and as they're going away for a few weeks holiday tomorrow, I was given quite a few things that they had in excess.  With my grocery challenge underway, I'm definately not going to say 'no' to some lovely goodies.

I've now got some lettuce, tomatoes, celery, bok choy (yum:: stir fry), lemons and oranges.  I've got quite a few lemons in the fruit bowl now so I think I may have a go at making lemon butter or lemon curd.  It's not something I've ever tried before but I'm sure I can make it easily. 

The oranges are navels and they are the sweetest, juiciest, loveliest oranges I've had in a long time.  I'm quite proud of this tree because my husband and I gave it to my Mum years ago for a Mother's Day gift.  We thought she'd appreciate something for her garden rather than anything else and now the whole family is enjoying the fruits of this lovely tree's labour!

I also came home with a few more packets of fish.  My uncle went fishing recently and came home with so much that we are enjoying plenty of fish meals.  Little Miss R is loving it so much that she's asking for fish for dinner most nights, hence nanna sending home more fish for her little girl!

The last of my 'shopping' today is the only thing I actually bought.  Little Miss R's school was having a Market day where they had stalls selling lots of goodies.  There was plenty of fruit and veges available, as well as seedlings and lots of other garden things.

What I really needed was honey so was pretty stoked when I saw some on one of the tables.  It's a local honey that I got for the great price of $6.50 for 1kg!  It's the first money taken out of this week's grocery challenge money and less than I had expected to pay for honey.

All in all, I think a total price of $6.50 is pretty good to pay for my days 'shopping'.

Enjoy your day everyone.

xx Susan

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