Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grocery challenge:: Week 3

So how did I go with my grocery challenge after 3 weeks?

Pretty good actually.  I've spend $79.15 out of my $80 so it's been another successful week.

I will also add that I'm not trying to see how much I save from the $80 each week as I'm saving plenty of money by just doing this challenge.  Maybe by the end of the 3 month stint I might be saving extra money but right now I've got plenty of things to stock up on to get me up to the $80.

I got plenty more fresh fruit and vege for free this week thanks to my lovely family and any extras I need I've been getting from one of the local fruit and vege stalls which are MUCH cheaper than the grocery shops.

I bought some meat that was on special and have some out for dinner and some in the freezer for another night.  I bought some more cereal, didn't even look at the biscuits (because I'm making my own), and spent most of my money in the aisle with the flour, sugars and coconut.

I also bought some milk, and of course some cheese.  We love our cheese in this house and 1kg was on special for $8.99 so hopefully that will get us through for another couple of weeks because I really want to buy some Parmesan next week.

I've got plenty of pumpkin still too so am intending to make a nice, big pot of pumkin soup today.  It's winter and it's raining, so it's definately soup weather!

Wishing you a fantastic day!

xx Susan

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