Friday, June 24, 2011

My little Crocodile Hunter

I'm sure you have all heard about Steve Irwin the 'Crocodile Hunter' who tragically passed away in September 2006.

We live only 3 kilometres from Steve's home of Australia Zoo and for years have had an annual pass so we can drop into the zoo for a few minutes or hours whenever we could.

Master M has been greatly influenced by Steve even though he wasn't even born when Steve passed away.  For him, Crocs are his favourite animal and his small crocodile would definately have to be his favourite toy.

As long as he has his little crocodile and some rope then he can truly be entertained for HOURS.  He loves his croc so much and LOVES watching Steve DVD's of croc captures that he ropes them up and jumps on the croc to subdue it. 

His sister and mother often get called on to help and have to jump on top of him to help him subdue the croc.  Once he's got it secured then he says, 'Ready, Set .......GET OFF!' and then we all jump off the croc so it won't bite us.

It's amazing how just one person can have such an influence over people's lives. 

Steve was certainly a very honest and passionate person.  If my son lives his life with as much honesty and passion for whatever it is he chooses to do in life then I will be a very proud mother. 

In the meantime............ I'll keep helping him subdue his 10 centimetre croc because that's what we mothers do.

Enjoy your day everyone!

xx Susan

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