Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's taken over 8 years to wash my husband's clothes...

.....and this is why. 

I have a new front loader washing machine with LOTS of buttons and confusing bits.  It means you have to read the manual to work out how to use it which is why I have washed my husband's work clothes for the first time EVER!

When we first started going out I told him that he was perfectly capable of washing his own clothes and he's been doing it ever since.

However, our last top load washing machine that was sounding like a jet plane taking off and shorting the house out (really not good I know), is now on its way to the dump.  That means a new washing machine with lots of buttons and scarey bits. 

I read instruction manuals.  Hubby doesn't.

That means I had to test the machine out and hubby's work clothes were the first things to be washed.

Don't worry....

...I'm currently doing up a easy to read instruction chart which I will lamintate and stick to the top of the machine. 

By next weekend he's on his own again.  :)

xx Susan

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