Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lets go for a drive:: to Kilcoy

It's a beautiful day, if a little windy and cool so lets head for a drive to Kilcoy. 

 It's about 1 hour's drive and 52 km from our town and my Uncle had to go over there on Saturday so he took the kids and I for a drive.

Not far out of town and we're heading towards the Peachester range.

Did I say it was a little cool today?

Up the Peachester range and past the roadworks where part of the range fell away during the rain and floods we had back in January!

I also forgot to bring peppermints and a bucket for Little Miss R who gets car sick.  We only had to stop once on the way over and bought a bucket when we got to Kilcoy for her.

Down the range the other side of Peachester and past farmland around Stanmore.  I love that you can drive through here and see the mountains in the background. 

That's Beerwah that you can see peeking above the trees, the largest of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Going past more farmland (cattle).

Into the town of Kilcoy with it's old country pubs and wide streets.

We did what we had to, had some lunch then headed to the park for a play. 

There's a small dam with plenty of ducks behind the park so that was pretty exciting.

Those white things in the sky are cockatoos.  There was hundreds of them flying around or roosting in the trees all through the park.  Definately not a place to look up with your mouth open!

Back down the main street and off home.  (This time with a bucket!)

Though the farmland and dams, back down the range and home for a cup of tea.

It was lovely to get out and do something different.

Thanks for the day Uncle I.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

xx Susan

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