Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grocery challenge:: Week 6

Yay!  I'm back on track.

This week I spent $78.51 so I came in within my $80 again which is great.

It's a bit of a sick old household this week with all of us not well.

Hubby is still working while not feeling well and is getting pretty exhausted, especially as we're up to the kids quite a bit during the night.

I'm trying to get some rest and recover but that's a bit difficult while looking after two sick little ones.

It's a bit heartbreaking when they have fevers and are so miserable that all they want is cuddle time with Mummy.  It certainly reminds you that sometimes you need to stop, take stock and remember what is important in life...and that's not the washing up, or making sure the house is tidy. 

Our children are our most precious assets and time spent cuddling a little one, especially when they're not well really makes you realise what's important.

Hope you are all in better health this week.

xx Susan

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