Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grocery challenge:: Week 5

I would like to firstly apologise for my meltdown in the last post.  I needed to let off a bit of steam and as I only see hubby briefly each day, you all got to share instead.  Lucky you!

As for my grocery challenge.  Week 5 was a bit of a fizzler as I did go over but not by that much really.  There were a few really good meat specials at the grocery shops this week which did push the total up a bit.

So what was the final amount....


Yes I did go over by $8.70 but I haven't done any baking this last week as it's way too difficult to get anything done around here right now.  I could have perservered and got some baking done but I've honestly been too exhausted to do any of it. (See last post for explanation).
These don't last long in our house as Little Miss R gobbles them up before they hit the fridge!
Now I had decided that my challenge would last for 12 weeks but I am cutting it down to 8 weeks, only because we're going away.  I've already started to stock up on food etc for our trip so I've been adding a bit extra onto my grocery list each week.  All those groceries go straight into the boxes in the spare room and don't get added into the grocery challenge.

I'm not really cheating on my challenge as I've given myself an extra $20 each week for our camping stuff so I've got a budget for that too.

Lets hope I'm a bit more organised this week and can stick to my budget again.

xx Susan

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