Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farm Fantastic

Yesterday the cold that I had been fighting all week finally hit.

All I wanted to do was stay in bed and rest, especially as Lovely Hubby wasn't working and could look after the kids.

Was my wish granted?    NO.

In ended up slogging it in the mud here.....

We left the kids at my brother's for a few hours and headed to Farm Fantastic which is a huge outdoor expo of nearly anything you can imagine.

We were there to look at one thing...  Camper Trailers.

They always have really good specials on camper trailers at the expo and as there were about 10 different camper trailer exhibitors (spread out around the whole site so I had to slog through the mud), so we got to have a good look at them.

Some were way above our budget but we did find an off road one we liked that was $4000 less than normal as a show special.

We bought it of mucking around in my family.

Luckily we don't have to go back and get it at the end of the show today (it would seem Lovely Hubby now has the flu and can't get out of bed.  I wonder if I should suggest we go somewhere so I can drag him around in the mud and cold.  :)

The camper trailer you see in the photos is the same as the one we've bought. (It's the Extreme Explorer model). They'll make ours so we'll get a mud free, newly made one and pick it up in a couple of weeks.  Eeeeek,  so exciting!

There's lots of room inside, it's an off road one so should handle the cape easily (I didn't understand any of the technical talk) and the best bit is that it has a innerspring queen size mattress so I'll be sleeping in comfort!

More mud on the way out and then it was back to pick the kids up and home.

No rest unfortunately, we all had early baths then early dinner.  I was in bed by 8pm and now feel so much better.  We won't mention how hubby is right now.

Have a fantastic day everyone.

xx Susan

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