Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grocery challenge:: Week 4

So how did I go after Week 4 of my challenge?

Surprisingly well as I spent $79.80 out of my $80. 

I say surprisingly because I had 3 days with 2 extra kids in the house, it's school holidays so Little Miss R is eating me out of house and home and I also went to a different grocery store to do my shopping so I wasn't sure on prices etc. 

As I've said before, baking helps keep prices down so this week I've made some gingernuts.  Here they are about to go in the oven..

...and these are some of the ones that actually made it into the biscuit barrel.

I tried my cracker recipe again but this time just did the basic recipe and cut them out a bit bigger to make some Sao's.  We love our Sao's with either vegemite (good little Aussie's) or peanut butter on them and the ones I've made taste similar and the kidlettes love them so I've got a new hit on my hands.

I've also been having lots of fresh salads, have made my own pasta which was fun..

...and used some fresh produce to make our dinner's like the Roasted tomato, Feta & bacon jalousie I made up last year.  (It was equally as delicious this time around too).

So 4 weeks in and I'm still going really well.  Lets see how I go this next week.

Wishing you all a fantastic day!

xx Susan


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Sandy said...

Finally online to comment...You are doing so well with your grocery challenges. I continue to be inspired and continue to fall short of goal...Hmm. Loved your "Who is this woman" post as I've been saying the same thing! It's like I'm having a weird Freaky Friday experience where my beloved sister has swapped bodies with me...the only catch is I'm still me so I don't know where my 'old' lil sis has gone. Loving it though!