Monday, July 4, 2011

Who is this woman?

It really does look like me but after what I write next, I'm sure most people who know me will wonder what this person has done with the 'old' me.

I'm gardening you see. 

(I've just heard lots of gasps, silence from shock and also laughter at that thought!)

I've been looking after my Mum's garden recently while they're away on holidays and thoroughly enjoying it.  I'm also really LOVING having fresh produce to eat so decided that I didn't want to grow just pumpkins (by accident), parsley and basil.

I've planted some seeds and will now lovingly nurture these pots until some seedlings come up..

I've planted some spring onions, spinach (I love baby spinach in salads), and some rocket.

I also re-potted a tomato plant that was growing in with my parsley however Master M pulled this out to show me so I hope it still grows.

I don't really know what I'm doing, just planting out what I like after following some instructions so this will definately be trial and error for awhile.  I'm also planting most things in pots as I don't want to tackle our vege patch just yet.   Besides, it's still covered in pumpkin vine so I can't even get close to it right now.

 I can get close to this though...

This is part of my front garden facing the street and has always been very bare.  I don't have one of those 'pretty' gardens, just a bare and unloved one until now.  I love gardens but have never been keen on gardening but I decided that for 15 minutes a day, I can get out in the garden and start making a difference. 

Hubby is never going to get in and look after it no matter what he says so if I want it to look nice then it's up to me.

In 15 minutes this morning I got the garden weeded... well as under the front stairs.

This is what I pulled out.

I'm very proud of myself and the kidlettes loved running around helping me.

I'll continue to do 15 minutes each morning (the afternoon's way too hot as it's in the full western sun), and eventually get my 4 garden beds looking so much better.

When I get the chance I'll head to one of the local nurseries to get some advice on which plants will be best to put in a dry, hot area.  The only sun these gardens get is the afternoon sun as it faces full west so they need to be pretty hardy.

I'll keep you updated on how it's all going.  Wish me luck!

xx Susan

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