Thursday, December 15, 2011

The first day of our holiday...

....and I'm really starting to wonder why we wanted to go.

It's pouring rain, I have two kids fighting and I've had to do all the packing myself because hubby is away working and will be meeting us at the dam.

By 8am we're ready to go so I strap the kids into the car and we head around to my parents place to hook up the camper trailer and head off.

Before we go though there has been a change of plans.  My parents had origanlly decided to camp in a tent and tow the boat.  It's now pouring rain and we all decided it would be better if they took the caravan and my Uncle would come with us to tow the boat.

Just over two hours later after a bit of a reshuffle, we actally left.

It's a 4 hour drive give or take depending on the way you go, how many toilet stops your six year old needs and how many tantrums your 3 year old has.  I could write about the trip itself in a whole looooooong blog post but that would be just whinging and you don't really want to hear about me,  you really don't.

We finally got there (even though I was tempted to turn around a few times and go home), and got set up under dark and rainy looking skies.  Thank goodness the rain held off while we set up!  (Well I think it did, my brain really doesn't let me remember that far back unless I have photos of the actual moment).

After the basics were done, we enjoyed our first night in our new 'home' for 5 days with dinner, a brief wander around the area near us, then early bed for the night.

The next morning Daddy arrived for breakfast and then it was birthday cake time for morning tea as it was his birthday a few days before and we hadn't seen him because he was at work.

The day was spent going out in the boat, putting redclaw pots out, doing some fishing, plenty of relaxing and then there was an uninvited visitor......

...this goanna was pretty thirsty and had run down to the dam for a drink then nearly ran though our campsite while trying to get away from the pesky birds that squarked and pecked at him the whole time. 

Talk about exciting times for the kids!! Not much beats a goanna and noisy birds for entertainment.

Will write about the next few days soon.

xx Susan

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