Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome bunting ta-dah moment

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was working on a little something and to wait and see what it is.

As you can see below there were lots of little pieces to it in lots of lovely bright colours.

If you want to see the original inspiration for it then zip on over to here to have a look.

Well here's my finished project.

A lovely little WELCOME bunting.

It hangs in the front door area of our house and I made a couple of flowers to put on each end. 

It looked great with just the letters on it too but when I tried out the strawberries and little flowers I had, it just looked so much better.

So while watching my sport I got my needle and thread out and sewed the sparkly, pretty flowers on and then I realised it was finished.

What an exciting moment that was and now I have some pretty bunting hanging up to welcome people into my home.

I really do think I'll make a Christmas one that I can hang up every year as well as one for birthdays.  I've got awhile before the next birthday in our house (May for me, October for Miss R, December for hubby and next January for Master M), so both of them are not urgent projects. 

They were such fun though so maybe I'll just do a few stitches to make a start......

xx Susan

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